About Us

Two friends with an equal need for a common problem.

Mark and Cal have been friends for many years, each meeting by sharing the passion for adrenaline sports.

They set out on a journey to clean up a confusing product and show others the potential of CBD. With a goal to make a product fit for family, friends and customers all over the world to use, which is safe and understood by all its users.

Mark has progressed through various extreme sports and still has a huge passion for competition sports, racing various 4 wheel car sports. His life has been full of fun sports and still enjoys life to the full shared with his long term partner, daughter and the family dogs.

Cal also started out in extreme sports at the age of 6 with a motocross background and passion for extreme stunts. Cal taught himself to backflip a BMX at the age of 13, which had a huge life changing impact on his life 1 month before his 16th birthday. A freak accident whilst doing the trick resulted in Cal being paralysed from the neck down.

Their stories are very different but they both have the ultimate same needs


This has never seemed like a job to me, I myself had the need for this CBD Oil so personally I had a goal to make a product I could use. I meet inspirational people in all walks of life in this industry, from the worlds best to the people in a world of discomfort.

I have raced BMX, Motocross and now off road buggies since I was 7 years old. This unfortunately has taken its tole and I do suffer with back and knee issues. I spent many years chasing the pain with off the shelf pain killers and sometimes prescribed stronger alternatives. For me the transfer to a natural product made total sense. I took out the chemicals and went to a natural plant. The benefits I have feel are immense and this is why we try to educate the results it can have.


Now 10 years on and travelling the country racing off road buggies I'm determined to show others what CBD does for me. Shortly after my accident and a 7 month stint in hospital I was told by doctors I would need to take medication for the rest of my life. At this time I was currently on 15 plus tablets a day, which I hated as well as the many side effects and feeling like a zombie 24/7. I was determined to stop that and look for other alternatives, to this date I haven't taken any medication for the last 8 years. CBD, daily exercise and physio have played a big part in that, I now want to share my experience with others and show the true potential of CBD.

We've developed a product totally free from THC, so this is why we have some of the best sporting people in the World using our product. Clean products are a necessity to Olympic athletes and World champions, so we needed a product to support these people and without risk of illegal substances. Offset CBD was born.

Why Offset CBD?

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality THC free CBD products to the market at a reasonable price and making it easily accessible to everyone. After a very long process and years of research, to find high quality CBD products which we finally found something we were proud to call our own. We have worked with the best people in the business to design and manufacture a clean, safe, regulated product for everyone to enjoy.

There are alternatives on the market which say they are something that they are not. To ensure you really are buying a genuine CBD product with ZERO THC, always buy from a trusted source. We test every batch ourselves through an independent  third party, so before bottling we know we are feeding our customers exactly what they need. We test for cross contamination of pesticides, harsh chemicals, alcohol and any banned or illegal substances. Our manufacturing processes are without compromise. We have the utmost transparency in our production process, from plant to bottle.